Free printable safety signs and labels

Frequently Asked Questions

So. Are the signs really free?

Yes. We dont charge you or expect any type of payment for use of our site. We dont even ask you to sign up or give us your email address. You can simply visit us, find what you want, print it off your own printer and with your fantastic, free, brand new and shiney new sign or pipe marker in hand you can carry on with the rest of your day.

Do I need any special software?

yes, we use the PDF format for all our pipe markers and signs so you'll need a copy of the Adobe Reader for whatever platform or browser you are using. The link should open a new tab and you can install it if you don't have it. Mobile users will have to check the relevant app market for the latest version, a quick search for "adobe reader" should do the trick.

Do you support US letter sizes?

No, we use the DIN standard for all our signs and variations. This is because they scale precisely and allows us to offer a wider range of sign designs. Should you need or use "letter" sized material, selecting the "fit to printable area" option under page scaling in the print dialog should give satisfactory results.

I'm clicking the print link and nothing happens, or it is very slow. Is the site broken?

Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed to open the signs, also, the first sign or pipe marker you open will have a few seconds delay while your browser initialises the adobe plug in and then downloads the PDF. Antivirus software will also scan any document before opening and these factors can impact the performance of the site. If you still can't open or print signs or pipe markers try reseting the your PC or device to reinitialise the reader plugin. If problems continue please contact us and we will try to help you as best as we can.

I want to buy preprinted signs please send me "a type of sign" or your sign catalogue.

We get this one a lot. We currently don't print or manufacture signs for commercial or retail clients. Nor do we have a catalogue The whole concept is hat you can print and make the sign yourself for free. We may at some point sell or recommend specialist materials you can print on or products to finish you signs to a professional level, but we dont actually make or sell signs or pipe markers directly.

No really, are the signs actually free, whats the catch?

I'm sure we've mentioned it before, but yes the signs are free, there is no catch. no sign up, no membership, no monthly subscription, no downloadable toolbar that must be installed, no spyware, no promise of yuor first born sons soul or anything usually associated with the term "free" on the internet.
It is totally free to print the signs and pipe markers with no obligation or strings attached.

Wow this stuff is great can link to your site?

Yes, by all means link to our site, we'd prefer that you dont link directly to our signs, simply link to our front page as this is the best point for a visitor to start from.

I'm putting a course together for such and such a educational group and wanted to use a couple of your signs or pipe markers in it. Can I use materials from the site in this manner?

Yes, use of the printed materials created from our site in any offline manner is permitted, as long as our tagline at the bottom of the print isnt removed.
Use of the images and signs on our website in a digital format is forbidden and protected by international copyright. Should you wish to use materials in this manner please contact us using our contact form ourlining the purpose you require them for and we will consider each request on a case by case basis.